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Doki Doki

I'm delighted to say that next Saturday (10th November 2018), we will once again be running a small pop-up studio at the awesome Doki Doki Manchester Japanese Festival. For those that don't know, Doki Doki is a celebration of both traditional and modern Japanese culture. It is held at Sugden Sports Centre, 114 Grosvenor Street, Manchester M1 7HL. The photos we take are completely free! It doesn't matter if you come as a cosplayer, are interested in J-Fashion, or are just visiting. Everyone is welcome to stop by and have a shot taken. They will be available to download from our website within a couple of days. PLEASE NOTE: The space we have available is not huge. It is really only large enough to take three quarter length shots of a single person. We can get a couple of people on together in a push. But it isn't really large enough for that. Here are the shots from the last Doki Doki.

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